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Conectando Talento Humano

Connecting the
Human Talent

Specialists in personnel selection

Why work with us?

Time saving

We understand the urgency needed for certain positions, so we take care of the entire recruiting process, from profiling to hiring, allowing your company to focus on your core business.

Access to quality talent

We have a wide network of candidates, which allows us to select the best option for your needs.

cost savings

The issue of costs is very important for companies, so we manage reasonable rates based on the requested requirement.


The talent you are looking for

we found him

We are a highly trained team dedicated to recruiting personnel.


We focus on finding the right candidate for a specific vacancy, and we make sure that the person selected is a good fit a long term for your company.

Our services

We create successful work teams with the best talent

Recruitment  personal 

Reclutamiento de personal, Queretaro
Cursos y capacitaciones, Queretaro

Courses and training

Estudios Socioeconomicos, Queretaro

Socioeconomic studies

Asesoria Legal, Queretaro

Legal advice

Psychometric test

Pruebas Psicometricas, Queretaro
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